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Every vehicle purchased from Real Auto comes with the manufacturer’s limited warranty and starts from the date the vehicle is delivered and covers a period of 36 months and 60 months for GM, or 100,000 km (whichever occurs first). The warranty covers replacement of defective parts due to faulty materials or manufacturing.

In order for the warranty to apply the following criteria must be met:

Our service department must perform all service during the warranty period. Your vehicles’ warranty is only valid on St. Maarten / Saint Martin.
The vehicle must be operated in accordance with the instructions in the Owner’s manual and must have been serviced as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer in the Owner’s Manual and in line with the dealer’s recommended service interval periods.
Your 1st service at Real Auto is free of charge (a voucher is provided at every vehicle purchase) but it must be completed at 1000 km for the voucher to be valid. With Real Auto vast experience in servicing vehicles locally in our hot and dusty climate conditions, and with our on-off road conditions, and with driving limitations due to stop and go traffic and constant uphill and downhill traffic conditions, and also because of lack of premium fuel quality locally available for many modern engines, we highly advise that your 2nd service should be at 6000 km. After that, a routine service should be kept at every 5000 km, as keeping your vehicle serviced regularly relates to your warranty coverage as well as providing you with the best possible ownership experience. Again, this maintenance must be done at Real Auto where a history report will be kept for the manufacturer’s review as required.
In order for the warranty to apply, our service department must perform all services during the warranty period as well as mechanical repairs. Should the vehicle be involved in an accident, collision repairs must also be completed at our body shop while it is under warranty.
Please note the specific items that are not covered by your limited warranty:
1. Any new vehicle for which the odometer reading has been altered so the true
mileage cannot be determined.

2. Engine Tune-up, lubrication, cleaning and polishing.

3. Fuel system cleaning or injectors damaged due to fuel and water contamination.

4. Brake and clutch adjustments and regular maintenance brake jobs.

5. Normal maintenance including the replacement of such items as; lubricants or oils,
grease, refrigerant, coolant, fluids, battery electrolyte, filters, spark plugs, ignition
points, condensers, wiper blades, brake shoes and pads and linings, and clutch linings or
clutch disk, cables, lamp bulbs, brushes, fuses and rubber parts except for oil seals,
battery, tires and tubes.

6. All appearance deterioration due to normal use or wear, and exposure of soft trim, all
rubber parts and appearance items such as paint and bright metal parts. Normal noise,
vibration, wear, tear or deterioration such as discoloration, fading, deformation or blur is
not covered. Cosmetic or surface corrosion from stone chips or scratches in the paint is
not covered. Damage or surface corrosion from the environment such as acid rain,
airborne fall-out (chemicals, tree sap, etc), salt, hail, windstorms, lightning, floods,
disasters whether due to human fault, negligence, accidents, or acts of God and the like is
not covered.

7. Repairs carried out by any unauthorized dealer or repair shop. Repairs and adjustments
caused by improper maintenance, lack of required maintenance, or the use of fluids other
than the fluids specified by the manufacturer. The dealer is in possession of such

8. Use or modification of the vehicle for competition/racing or rallying. Misuse,
negligence, modification, alteration, tampering, overloading, disconnection, improper
adjustments or repairs, accident and use of add-on parts/material are not covered.

9. The warranty does not cover and the company assumes no responsibility for the loss of
the vehicle, inconvenience or towing or consequential expenses, or any expenses in
returning the vehicle to the workshop for warranty or other repairs. Only in exceptional
circumstances will the company at its discretion provide a loaner vehicle.

10. Damage to CD player from use of incorrect CD’s, Rewritable CD’s and stuck-on CD
labels that jam the unit or wrong operation of loading and ejecting CD’s. Check the
owner’s manual for specific details or warnings.

It is our intention to provide you with our best service and attention. We look forward to the continuation of your business.

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