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Repair Estimates

The task of walking into a body shop without understanding how to read a repair estimate can be a challenging one. We believe you should know exactly what’s involved in the repair process so whether you will pursue with repairs at your own expense or go through your insurance company we will guide you through the process.

A repair estimate is just that — an estimate of the cost involved in repairing your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Repair estimates vary depending on several factors including labor rates, parts prices and the amount of time necessary to perform certain repairs.

Your insurance claims representative will prepare a purchase order (PO) so the repair process can be booked. Make sure you insist on having your repairs done at the official dealer as this relates to your warranty coverage and the dealer is the first and last source to solving any unforeseen issues. This is your right.

The amount of time it takes us to produce a repair estimate can vary depending on the number of parts involved and whether the specific parts prices are readily available from stock or whether new prices have to be generated from the manufacturer if parts are not in stock. Generally, parts are not ordered until we receive the PO from the insurance company.


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